Electromobility – Globally Connected

Electromobility is a globally relevant theme which is being vigorously promoted in numerous cities and metropolitan areas – not withstanding all the various approaches to the establishment of electromobility in an urban environment, including varying political and industrial challenges. 

On 21 May 2015 the international conference titled „Electromobility – Globally Connected“ will feature talks and presentations by international representatives from the Americas, Asia and Europe, who will highlight their approaches, concepts and best-practice examples, opening them up for discussion and debate. The event will focus on topics like charging infrastructures and electric-powered transportation and transport, but also on larger issues like the mobility strategies of individual metropolitan regions.

This day-long conference will be capped off the next day, on 22 May, by four tours to different electromobility venues, with local companies giving visitors a practical, close-up look at the current state of electromobility in Berlin-Brandenburg.

The access to the conference is free of charge, but as it is embedded in the Metropolitan Solutions you need to buy a ticket for the fair to enter the CityCube Berlin. 

You can order your ticket for the Metropolitan Solutions here. Please note, that this is not a fee we raise or benefit from.

To register for the electromobility tours (tours are numbered 7-10) please visit: www.b2match.eu/metropolitansolutions2015/registration

21.05.2015 - 22.05.2015
Ganztägig Uhr

CityCube Berlin